Writing-Mentoring and Publishing Consultation with Arpita Das

Arpita Das offers writing-mentoring, manuscript feedback sessions and editorial consultations for individual aspiring authors. ​ She also specialises in developing writing-skills and publishing programmes for institutions.


Manuscript Review

Do you have a manuscript that could benefit from a thorough review from an industry professional? If yes, then Yoda Press's Manuscript Review might just be the thing for you.

Drawing upon nearly two decades of publishing experience, the team at Yoda Press will provide you with a meticulous and exhaustive critique of your work including, and not limited to, structuring the book, defining the pace, character sketches and feedback, the plot and world building while also offering useful resources and writing tools. Our report will also aid you in mapping the marketability of your work and our suggestions will handhold you to the finish line, i.e, the submission process. Send in your manuscript to us now at !

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‘Arpita proved invaluable in helping me turn my dissertation into a book, with her keen eye for detail, willingness to confer on all aspects of the book (be it the cover or the glossary) and her 'mince no words' approach to pointing out flaws that needed correction. I was delighted with the way my book turned out under her watchful eye.

Sudha Rajagopalan, author of Leave Disco Dancer Alone (Yoda Press, 2016)

Arpita is an editor/publisher to be admired because she includes the author in every aspect of the decision-making process. She understands that the book one writes is deeply personal, no matter what the genre. I also appreciate that she makes a particular effort in encouraging new voices—young authors who have unconventional things to narrate and fresh ways of doing so. I strongly recommend Arpita Das and Yoda Press.’

Dr. Sushmita Pati, author of Properties of Rent: The Political Economy of Urban Villages in Delhi (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

'Arpita has a superb eye for detail. For someone who is writing her first book, her two decades of publishing experience that she brings to the editing process is absolutely invaluable. Given her experience across genres—academic, fiction and non-fiction, she has a hold over structuring narratives that is unique. She is honest with her opinion and I love the fact that she does not mince words. Her comments have helped me understand my own writing in a different light. Cannot recommend Arpita enough!'

Prof. Geetanjali Sachdev, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

'Arpita compels you to search for origins—the foundations of your ideas and where they spring from. Her craftsmanship as an editor translated into a challenging mentorship experience—invaluable in my journey as a creative practitioner working towards becoming an academic writer. Her comments and critiques, while pushing for clarity of prose, never compromised on poetry.'

Ashok Alexander, author of A Stranger Truth: Lessons in Love, Leadership and Courage from India's Sex Workers (Juggernaut, 2018)

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