TRAMJATRA: Imagining Melbourne and Kolkata by Tramways Edited by Mick Douglas

Follow the way of the tram through two cities with tracks of a shared past. Welcome to networks with promise for the future. Tramjatra undertakes a journey between Kolkata (India) and Melbourne (Australia) through the medium of tramways. This form of creative and critical globalisation from below, built on friendship and dialogue, shows a way forward. In the context of increasing debates about sustainability and the impacts and processes of globalisation, Tramjatra makes new connections through a public arts practice of inter-cultural dialogue. Over the past decade Kolkata's struggling tramways have faced a persistent threat of closure and the operation of Melbourne 's tramways has been privatised and automated. By traveling between two different urban realties, Tramjatra provokes both a local and global engagement in the challenges of moving and being moved in contemporary urban life. The book explores the poetic relationship between the practical movement afforded by tramways as a mode of public transport, and the contemporary social, political, economic and creative forces of movement brought to tramways. Essays discuss historical links between Melbourne & Kolkata; examine relations between memory, tram travel and ticketing; locate tramjatra in the context of debates on transculturalism, international education and notions of public art; and unravel issues of translation in inter-cultural arts practice.

Genre: Urban-Studies
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ISBN:  9788190227247
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