'The sessions on micro-editing were really insightful. The sessions on proof reading were also very helpful and a very good reminder of all that we are told early into learning a language but tend to forget as we grow older. One of the great things about the workshop was that everything that was “taught” was also demonstrated through examples, hence as a participant it felt like, we had tried our hand at different processes in editing a written piece.'

--- Anubhuti Patra, Freelance Writer

'I was rather reticent to actually write, initially. There’s a whole lot of baggage around creativity that I have been struggling with for the longest time. But the hands-on, no-frills-but-much-thrill approach to writing that I sensed from everyone in the room made it easier to let my words come as they pleased. I absolutely loved the energy in the group, and so it has to be said, that my experience of the workshop owes much to the select bunch of writers who found their way into the workshop as much as to any other of its components. More than anything else I enjoyed the spontaneity that the space allowed for thoughts, ideas, feelings and associations to be birthed and built in their own time. Very few places can return your mind to you like this, and for that, I congratulate Yoda Press with all my heart and appreciation.'

---Epsita Sandhu, Researcher