ONCE UPON A FURORE: Lost Pages of Indian Cricket by Boria Majumdar

Extensively based on nearly forgotten and long out-of-print classic titles, old newspaper reports and official archives, this volume is an important addition to the steadily growing corpus of contemporary writing on the history of Indian cricket. 

Each chapter of the book presents a captivating story of intrigue and power-play. Through a look at controversies that have plagued Indian cricket over the years, this book draws attention to the fact that the country's intense engagement with the game stretches back more than a century.

In doing so the author brings to light the writings of those he calls the 'day-to-day historians' of cricket, like JC Maitra, Berry Sarbadhikary and JM Ganguly, who had written on the game for years in newspapers and journals, yet remain little known to even the most avid sports enthusiast in contemporary India.

Genre: History and Sports Studies
Price: Rs.395
ISBN: 9788190227209

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