INDIA EXCLUSION REPORT 2015 by Centre for Equity Studies

India Exclusion Report is a widely collaborative effort involving institutions and individuals working with disadvantaged and marginalised communities in India. The report seeks to inform public opinion around exclusion and to influence policy making towards more inclusive and equitable governance. It is also meant to serve as a tool to support public action for the grater inclusion of marginalised communities in the country.

India Exclusion Report 2015 presents an in-depth review of exclusion with respect to three essential public goods - urban health, urban water and sanitation, and just conditions of work for women. It also discusses exclusion in budgetary and planning processes with particular reference to taxation, and profiles the following highly excluded groups - single women, Devadasis, survivors of communal violence, survivors of ethnic conflict, and the Jarawa of the Andamans. 

Genre: Report
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ISBN : 9789382579397

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