Can Hunger be Defeated?

Edited by Stefan Mentschel

The problem of hunger in India is often treated as an apolitical issue. There is even less attention paid to the impact hunger has on marginalized communities. Both these lacunae find ample demonstration in how the farmers' crisis was overlooked by successive governments in India until tens of thousands of farmers took to the streets to make their way to big cities and protest. In this book, the authors provide a nuanced narrative on how 'Hunger' functions across the broad spectrum of rural Indian society. The contributors have traveled across the country to access the worst-affected areas, such as Raigad district in Maharashtra and Morigaon district in Assam, and have meticulously and responsibly collected data which tells the story of a shocking level of government apathy and on-the-ground distress. Can Hunger be Defeated? is a must read for students and scholars of social development and economics, policy makers, activists, and organizations working in the field of food security.

Genre: Report
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ISBN: 9789382579724