BECAUSE I HAVE A VOICE: Queer Politics in India by ​Arvind Narain and Gautam Bhan (eds)  

‘Arvind and Gautam’s book weaves the threads of the LGBT movement together into a hand-nailed fist that punches hetro-normative India in its very belly… The knuckles in the book are two incredible essays by two women who tear into the construct called heterosexuality… a remarkable book that is a must for students of gender and sexual politics in India.’
Ashok Row Kawi, Sunday Hindustan Times

‘Passionate, considered, this anthology pushes at the hypocrisies of  a society that turns love into something Queer… It is a book to be read, re-read and passed on-not by people sympathetic to queer issues but by those who are not.’
Mitali Saran, Tehelka

‘It is a collective voice of reason that comes shining through, with its definitive and inclusive spirit of the human struggle for dignity and equality.’
Mahesh Dattani, The Week

‘…this anthology expands the reach and scope, and illuminates the presence of queer politics in different spaces in India. What is most impressive, however, is that it confronts the unquestioned, “compulsory” nature of heterosexuality in India, in a language that is not restricted to the academic.’
First City

Genre:  Gender Studies
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